We like going out and meeting people. We especially like going out to meet businesses and discussing their website maintenance requirements.

One thing we come up against time and time again though is the business owner that has a website which was built in 2001 and has only ever been updated once. These businesses are out there. We know because we meet at least one, more likely a few(!) each time we step outside our offices to meet new folks.

So what do you say to a businessman or business woman that’s had a website for over 10 years and has never felt the need to update it? Generally we look shocked (because we are!) and ask one simple question…


We’re usually told that the website is just there to give customers a phone number or the business address and isn’t really there for anything else, so it seems pointless to update it.

And then, when we ask how many times customers call them via their website, we’re told that this is another reason they’ve not updated their website.

“Nobody ever calls us from it!”

Hmm, ever wondered why that is? Maybe because your website is the same as it was 1o years ago?

If a business has taken the time and expense to have a website built then they must have seen a good reason for doing so, otherwise what was the point?

“It’s just there for trade customers”. This is another response we get a lot! The clue here is in the last word “customers”. No business can survive for very long without customers. And ensuring your business attracts not just new customers but old and existing customers is crucial for any business regardless of what industry it is in.

Another common response we get is:

“I have no idea what I’m doing!”

Well, that’s precisely why you need The Updaters! We DO know what we’re doing and it’s not just a cost-effective way of keeping your website up to date, it’s also imperative.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. An outdated website is almost as bad as having no website at all. Keeping your website up to date is vital.

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