Does your business have a company van or company vehicles? Is the van sign written with your company details?

Just stop and think for a minute… When your vehicle was delivered was it parked in a dark underground car park, out of sight, forgotten and neglected?

Or, did you make sure it was parked proudly in front of your business premises, glistening in the sun and looking like it had just rolled off the production line?

Now take a moment to think about that website you had built a while back. Is it portraying your company image in the same way as your company vehicle? Does it tell existing and potential customers what you do and what you’ve been doing for the past few weeks and months?

And that special offer you have… Is it on your website? Do customers know you’re offering a great deal for a limited time?

Sadly many of the businesses we visit simply don’t understand or appreciate the importance of keeping their website content fresh, relevant and up to date. They leave it stuck in a time warp, neglected, unloved and unused. Instead of showing the business as vibrant, busy and a leader in their field to encourage visitors to pick up the phone or hit the send button on a completed contact form, it puts people off contacting the business as they’re not sure if they’ll ever get a response to their question.

But why? That website may have cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds to get online. Much the same as that company vehicle was a large capital outlay the website is often seen as a fire and forget marketing tool. In reality the work only starts once the website has been launched. It needs constant attention and updating to ensure it reaches the potential the business owner had for it when it was first commissioned.

Website maintenance can be tedious. Trying to find those pesky login details, learning basic design skills to make sure the new content fits in with the existing stuff. Worrying that by pressing THAT button will somehow cause the content on the website to vanish, never to be seen again! But what if updating your website was as simple as sending a quick email? What if the update was then completed professionally within 2-3 working days? What if all this cost less than a cup of coffee and a packet of biscuits each day? Wouldn’t that make life easier?

With The Updaters it really is as simple as sending an email. Keeping the content of your website fresh, relevant and up to date has never been easier! It’s like having your own ‘web guy’ in your office working alongside you to ensure you get the most from your website. Keeping your website up to date has other benefits too. It will start appearing higher up in search engine results pages, visitors will be keen to visit again and they’ll be much more likely to fill in that contact form or pick up the phone. That means more enquiries, more sales and more profit for the business owner.

Talk to us today and see how we can wake your website up and help improve your visibility online. We’re friendly, fast and we love to help. Call us on 0843 289 6972 or drop us an email to

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