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We are The Updaters and our mission is simple: Make the web a fresher place for everyone!

As we spend most of our waking lives online, we regularly come across websites that are outdated, redundant, full of spelling mistakes and generally un-loved. This makes us sad.

So we asked lots of businesses why they didn’t update their websites regularly and found that most of them just simply don’t have the time to make the changes they want on a regular basis.

We then asked if they would be prepared to pay for a website update service to which an overwhelming majority cried “YES PLEASE!”

And that’s why we created The Updaters. Now there’s no excuse for your company’s website to be outdated and neglected. Contact us today to see how we can help transform your website and help it achieve it’s full potential.

Call us on 0843 289 6972 for a friendly chat.

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