Like all things websites need regular maintenance to keep them at their best. Technology moves on, businesses develop and strategies change over time. That cutting-edge website you had built 5 years ago is probably looking a little out-dated now…

Website maintenance is all about keeping the content of a website fresh, relevant and current. How many times have you visited a website and found that the content is out-dated, poorly presented or, worse, badly spelled?
What is Website Maintenance?
Many businesses can’t afford a dedicated IT professional to look after their website for them. With salaries of £25,000 this can be quite a hurdle to overcome, especially in these times of austerity! So, many businesses assign website updates to other members of staff who may not be confident in what they’re being asked to do which means they put off updating the website until ‘next week’, which then turns into ‘next month’ and so on!

The Updaters are here to help keep your website running smoothly and to ensure that your updates are applied to your website quickly and professionally. With prices starting from just £50 per month that’s a huge saving compared to hiring a full, or even part time employee. We’re experienced web designers and developers and can work on HTML, PHP, Joomla, WordPress and any other language your website has been coded in.

So, how does website maintenance work?

Well, let’s say you run a basic plumbing website. You offer local services within a 50 mile radius of your depot and you have 5 plumbers on call at any one time. Your services haven’t changed much since you started but you would like to offer a monthly promotion. The company that designed your website years ago may no longer be in business so you approach another local web design company. They’re more than happy to help and will probably charge anything from £10 to £150 to make the changes you need to your website on an adhoc basis. This is ok for random, one-off edits, but what about more regular updates?

That’s where we come in. All you need to do is send us the content you’d like added to your website via our submission form or email and we’ll do the rest. No stress, no worries about ‘breaking’ your website and no hunting around for those pesky login details! As soon as we receive your update submission we’ll get to work.

Search engines (especially the biggest of them all, Google) are rewarding those websites that keep their content fresh by ranking them higher in their search results pages. This is because they can see the content of a regularly updated website is more relevant to the search terms made by their users. This is good for Google because it means their users will use them again the next time they’re looking for information on the web as they trust the results Google provides them with.
What is Website Maintenance?
If your website isn’t updated regularly then your content is more than likely stale and irrelevant meaning Google and the other search engines will display a link to it lower in their search results. This is bad for your business as your competitors are ranking higher in the results and are therefore more likely to gain that business over you.

Think about your business premises or company vehicles for a moment. How often do you clean or service them? These are adverts for your business that your customers see on a daily basis. Just like your website. If your premises weren’t cleaned regularly how would that reflect on your business? It’s exactly the same for your website. A fresh website with up-to-date, relevant content shows customers you’re a) still in business and b) serious about what you do.

Our website maintenance services are designed to let you do what you do best. Run your business.

Check out our Website Maintenance Packages and contact us today for a friendly, no obligation chat.

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